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We work on the premise that your investment in IT has been made to support your ability to do business.  To that end, your focus should not be on how well your computers, networks, data integrity and associated functions are working…. That’s our job.  We work to make your systems work for you.  In effect you should take your IT systems for granted and be able to use them as the tools that they are.  Don’t let them take over your life, let us make IT invisible for you.

 How do we do this? 

  • Managed services for the monitoring and maintenance of your servers. 

  • Managed services for the monitoring and maintenance of your computers. 

  • Quick response times on support requests. 

  • Remote support / Instantaneous support. 

  • Pro-Active engagement to pre-empt and diffuse potential support situations.

  • Regular and easy to understand reporting of systems status. 

  • Simple payment options, plans and fee structures

The Hard Sell….

We don’t do it.  From time to time we’ll make recommendations about things we feel ought to be done, however our real interest is in arming you with relevant and meaningful information so that you can make informed and valuable decisions for the future of your business.  Whether that be about what PC to purchase for the new staff member or development of a distributed data network with branch servers, you are in control.


    All Rights Reserved A Little Help Business I.T. 2009  
  All rights reserved  A Little Help Business I.T. 2009  

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