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Something that A Little Help Business I.T specialises in is migrating server environments from one platform to another.  Utilising powerful software provided by our partner organisations, we can take a previously un-imaged server and perform a bare-metal transfer of that entire server environment onto a new hardware platform.

There are a number of advantages to this procedure. 

  • No longer need to re-build the entire network to replace your server

  • Performed outside of business hours, you will arrive the next morning to a new server, but no change to your environment

  • downtime is minimized

  • Post implementation troubleshooting is minimized since nothing has changed to the network configuration, including data availability, mail systems, database systems etc

  • The procedure is re-useable and if required, can become the basis of a business continuity plan to protect against a catastrophic server hardware loss.

  • Supports migration of a single server platform to a Virtual Server environment

speak to us today about your next server upgrade.

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